Resources for Teaching Emotional Literacy in Prisons

A place for sharing experience, exercises and handouts for teaching emotional literacy in prisons


This site is intended as a forum for sharing materials and resources for teaching Emotional Literacy in prisons. This program is based on the work of Robin Casarjian and the book Houses of Healing: a Prisoners Guide to Inner Power and Freedom. The book is available from The Lionheart Foundation.

There are seven sections below: Class dynamics for ideas on how to create the safety and encourage participation in classes; Exercises for ideas on ways to present class material; Handouts for resources to supplement the class content; Agendas for lesson plans; Certificates and Evaluations; Book recommendations to share suggestions on books related to the teaching materials; and a section on caring for ourselves.

There is also a forum for discussions on teaching materials and this website. Use the forum links on the sidebar to access these features.

Anyone can read and download the materials on this site. You need to become a member in order to add material, and participate in the forums. I encourage you to join and contribute so we can build a great resource to support all of our work. For more information about accessing and using this site, click the links below:

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Class Dynamics

This section describes techniques for creating safety in the group and encouraging participation.


This section contains ways to present material and encourage discussions of class topics.


These are handouts that can be used to enhance the learning process.

Certificates and evaluation forms, etc.

Please share certificates, evaluation forms and other supporting materials here.


Please share agendas, or other planning materials here.

Book recommendations

Please list books that you find informative for your teaching.

Self work

Ideas for work to be done outside of classtime.

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