Anger And Fear Lesson Plan

week 5 - Anger and Assertiveness

  • Introduction - questions and comments
  • Meditation
  • Gatherings One thing I'm greatful for in my life is …
  • Anger Response Styles styles - fill in the chart on board…
    • Make the case for practicing assertive behavior
  • Assertive statements practice
    • Review basic human rights from assertiveness handout
    • Review the types of assertive statements from handouts.
    • Choose situations from handout or personal experience, and practice generating assertive statements of various types for those situations.
  • Discuss handout from Anger Control Workbook on Thought distortion. Tie in weather reports
  • Self talk handout - What we tell ourselves affects how we react. Read through the examples of things people use to calm themselves when triggered and pick one, or write your own. (if you didn't do this the previous week.)

Self work

  • Read chapter 6 for next class
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