Anger Lesson Plan

Week 4 Anger

  • Gatherings - One way I’ve learned to deal with my anger constructively is …

One person or situation that triggers anger in me…

  • Meditation - the mountain from workbook
  • Robin’s tape 7 - section 1 on Anger
  • Intro to anger:
    • Is anger good or bad?
    • Anger is a feeling - anger is a signal
    • the Problem occurs when we are triggered and unleashed the anger on others
    • Do we learn to understand our anger and then deal with it effectively - share story.
  • Small group discussions - How my family of origin dealt with anger…
  • Anger triangle
    • how our beliefs and emotions determine actions
    • “I messages”
  • Why we hang on to our anger. costs/benefits of anger
  • Read p 105 Pause and review
  • Self talk - What we tell ourselves affects how we react. Read through the examples of things people use to calm themselves when triggered. Then pick one, or write your own. ( or save until next week)
  • Self work:
    • Find a situation in the present or past where an "I" message could have helped you resolve a conflict.
    • Read chapter 5, if you haven't read it yet.
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