Carols Certificate

This is the certificate that I use in my classes. I buy certificate stock from an office store. I then edit this file to add/change the name, date, location, and number of weeks, and then print it out directly onto the certificate stock.

I've included two formats. The rich text format is a text file where you can plug in the information and print it. You may have to fix the formatting if it doesn't transfer well from one computer to another.

In case you have trouble working with the text file, I've also included a pdf format. This file has blank lines for the name, date and place, so you can print it out and fill in the information.

If you need any help, you can ten.knilhtrae|sreteP_loraC#em liame.


Download pdf file by clicking the image above and and clicking "save" from the file menu. To download the text file, click the file link at the bottom of the page, and click the rtf version.

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