Carols Weekly Assignments


For years, I avoided giving written assignments to the men in my classes because I did not want to discourage men who did not have good writing skills. But recently I tried requiring written work, and most of the men were willing to do it and did more than was required.


I've included the list of assignments I gave in the attached file. I required 6 out of 10 to receive a certificate. Everyone completed most of the assignments, and they reported they liked doing it.

I tell the men that if they are uncomfortable with written assignments, they can speak to me and arrange alternative work. I did not have to come up with an alternative yet.

I read and write encouraging comments on each paper. I do not grade them. In cases where the men do skimpy work, I make suggestions of things they could think or write about to expand their involvment in the material.

Click the image below to view the homework file (I call my emotional literacy class BEACON.

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