Core Self Lesson Plan
  • Introduce facilitators and outside participants and inmate facilitators
    Each will speak for a few minutes on who we are and why we think the program is important to them.
  • What the program is about - importance of self awareness -
        • as a life-long process of learning
        • as a way of increasing choices
        • as a way of healing and empowering ourselves
  • Content /structure:
        • 12 weeks
        • includes video, short presentations, discussions, gatherings
        • Reading, handouts, exercises and writing is encouraged
        • Certificates - follow up programs
  • Ground Rules - importance of creating a safe environment
  • Name game (done like the AVP adjective name game)
    My name is _, and I am _. (My name is Carol and I am enthusiastic.)
    [Alternative Break in pairs, “Some things I like about myself are…” talk for 2 minutes each, and then Introduce each other to the group. Stress importance of listening as a skill, importance of positive attitude]
  • Gatherings: One thing I hope to gain from taking this class is:
  • Meditation. - mindfulness, breath, relax, pay attention to your breath -body scan - watch your thoughts
  • Robin’s video #1
  • Core Self presentation - Draw diagram - talk about qualities of the core self and how we use sub-personalities as defense - survival and Must be honored. But they may be limiting us. Awareness increases choices and creates better life.
  • Brainstorming sub-personalities - make a list on the board
  • If time permits:
    [Read from Chapter One of HoH p 3, Joe on p 4]

Self work

  • Read chapters 1 and 2 (todays material) and chapter 7 for next class


  • Syllabus and Ground Rules
  • How we change behavior
  • Suggested reading list
  • core self diagram
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