Fear Vs Happiness


To explore How fear manifests in our lives and strategies for managing fear.


I base this work on Dan Baker's book "What Happy People Know" p. 26 to 30.


  1. I talk about how fear isn't just about cold terror or nail-biting. Fear manifests in our lives in many ways, including anger, depression, anxiety, perfectionism, shyness, isolation, etc. Fear is a major factor is our lives and affects our behavior and choices.
  2. We can manage our fear through through modifying our thoughts and other strategies.
  3. I draw a diagram with the brain stem, amygdala, hypothalimus and neocortex, and talk about the primitive fear mechanism and how we can use our high brain to manage the fear.
  4. I go around the room, having each man read an item from the list of "Qualities that bring happiness" (see handouts). I then ask each student to select one item from the list and talk about it.
  5. I read the list of "happiness tools" and discuss them (see handouts).
  6. I read the list of "choices" and discuss them (see handouts).
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