Finish Inner Child Plus Other Topics Lesson Plan

Week 8: Inner child 2 plus addictions and/or fear

  • Introduction, questions, comments, weather reports
  • Share from inner child letters
  • Gathering: “Knowing what I know today, One thing I’d like to tell my teenage self (or myself at another age.)”

Addiction and Emotions

  • Present the circle of addiction from handouts
  • Emotions and addiction
  • Discussion: What needs do my addictions (or other problematic behavior) address in my life, and how might I meet those needs in a more effective way.

Fear and Happiness

Presentation on Fear vs. Happiness (from What Happy People Know)

  • How the fear response works
  • How fear manifests in our lives (anxiety, compulsive behavior, depression, perfectionism, etc)
  • How the cognitive brain can balance the fear responses

According to Don Baker in "What Happy People Know", there are 5 tools for happiness:

  1. appreciation - keep an attitude of gratitude.
  2. choice - even in prison we still have choices
  3. personal power - don't be a victim - take responsibility and move forward
  4. stressing our strengths - minimize our weaknesses
  5. narrative -how we make meaning of our lives
  6. balance in life - relationships, health and goals/purpose
  • Discussion: What are some of the things you do or can do to manage our fear/anxiety and keep your spirits up?
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