Forgiveness Lesson Plan

Week 9: Forgiveness

  • Meditation - body scan and mindfulness
  • Reading on Nelson Mandela by Bill Clinton
  • Robin’s Video on Forgiveness -
  • Talk about video - What in the video spoke to you? What did you agree with? What did you not agree with?
  • What forgiveness is not - (if necessary)
  • Review notes
    • “not to forgive is to be imprisoned in the past”
    • We forgive others as a gift to ourselves
    • We forgive people, not actions.
    • Forgiveness is not reconciliation
  • Dick’s story on forgiveness and a personal story on forgiveness
  • Discussion: One story on forgiveness, or one place where forgiveness could help me in my life.
  • Self work
    • Read chapters 14 and 15
    • Write a letter forgiving someone, or write a letter asking for forgiveness.
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