Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am a member but I still can't edit a page.

It is possible that you are not logged into your wikidot account, so the site does not know who you are. Scroll to the very top of the page on the website. The dark green bar at the top of the page will either have your name or the word "login." If your screen name is listed, then you are logged into the site. If the word "login" appears, then click login, and go through the login procedure. There is a check box when you log in that allows you to "bind your account to your IP address". If you check this box, the system will remember your computer, and log you in automatically in the future.

If you see your screen name in the top menu bar, and still cannot edit a page, click the "Site Members" link near the bottom of the side menu and see if you are listed. If not, go through the "become a member" process. If you are on this list and still cannot edit a page, email me ten.knilhtrae|sretep_lorac#.ereh gnikcilc yb

Question: How can I stop getting emails every time there is a change to the web site?

When you become a member, the default setting for new members is that you will get an email every time someone adds or changes anything on the website. This is called "Watching" the site. To stop the emails, simply scroll to the bottom of any page on the website, and click the link on the lower right that says "Stop watching". If you want to get email notifications at some later time, you can turn the watch feature on in the same way.

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