Grief And Loss Lesson Plan

Week 5 Grief and Loss

  • Introduction: Losses are normal and a normal part of living and caring. Everyone has losses.
  • Brainstorming loss
    • types of loss
    • Feelings that come with loss
    • Physical symptoms associated with loss
    • Why we don't grieve
  • Meditation - Honoring loss and letting go meditation from Robin's workbook p 7E. or Guided Imagery on “grief” by Belleruth Naperstak
  • Robin’s video on grief and loss
  • go over notes on grief
    • Grieving is normal and healthy
    • There is no right or wrong way to grieve - grieving is as individual as we are.
  • Gatherings - One loss in my life that I grieved, or did not grieve or that was difficult to grieve.
  • Review Tasks of Grieving from text, if necessary…
  • Describe the Journey of grief handout and how it helps us move on.
  • Tips for Grieving from handout
  • Loss vs. depression - getting stuck
  • Life Graph Assignment
  • Discussions: Name one loss you have experienced in your life, What did you do with your sadness? How have you dealt with grief in the past?
  • Conclusion: Often our most challenging circumstances are our greatest opportunities to grow. As we heal, and make meaning in our lives, we can bring awareness, compassion, and purpose to our lives.

Self work:

  • Life graph
  • Read chapter 3 and 4 for next class
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