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My colleague, Cathy Maravetz and I are teaching the HOH course for the third time. We have found the wikidot website to be a wealth of resources for us in the present session. We teach the course at the East Jersey Prison in New Jersey, where there is a waiting list to take the course. We are grateful for the wonderful ideas available on the website and hope we can contribute to it in the future. We have one inmate as part of our teaching team and hope to add another for the next session.

Carol Peters

I've been teaching Emotional Awareness (Houses of Healing) in Massachusetts Prisons for the past 9 years. I love teaching in the prisons, and I know this work makes a difference. I started this website because I have accumulated a lot of ideas, readings, handouts, etc. that I find helpful in my teaching and I wanted to share it with others and also get ideas from others. I hope this will be a way to build a community of people around the country to share our expertise, hopes and dreams.



Some of the Volunteers from Concord Massachusetts with Robin Casarjian, Spring 2009

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