Name Game


I like to use a memory name game in the first class to help us all learn names, and a little bit about each other.


Instructions are that we will go around the circle, and each person will give their name and one quality about themselves. It can be some role they play, (I am a father, I am a musician, I am a welder, etc), it can be some quality of character (I am loyal, I am happy to be here, I am curious, etc.) or it can be something you like to do (I like to listen to music, I like baseball, I like to read, etc.).

We then go around in the circle and the first person says "I am Joe and I like music"; The second person says "This is Joe and he likes music, and I am Steve and I have two children"; the third person says "This is joe and he likes music, this is Steve and he has two children, and then adds his own, all the way around until the last person repeats everyone and adds his own.

I usually go first and last. I choose the direction around the circle so that any outside facilitators and inmate facilitators have the harder task (go later). We help out anyone who is having trouble so we don't embarass anyone. If there is concern, I tell them they can take notes to help.

The students enjoy this exercise. They enjoy the attention of people remembering their names; some with good memories will get positive acknowledgment. They are often quite creative in what they say about themselves, and there is a lot of smiling and laughing. Plus it gives us a little information on who people are and what is important to them.

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