Prisoner Visitor Explorer Exercise


To learn a little more about the students and how they see themselves in the class.


  1. I write the following on the board:
    • Visitor - Someone who is observing but not too involved.
    • Prisoner - Someone who doesn’t want to be here.
    • Explorer - Someone who is interested in learning and exploring.
    • Cynic - Someone who is skeptical of all they hear.
    • Sophisticate - Someone who has all the answers already.
  2. I ask: What attitude to we bring to the class? Do we see ourselves as …?
  3. We proceed around the circle, each person picking one of the roles from the list. They can add other roles to the list if they don't think they fit any of the above.

This gives the instructor a little information on how the students are feeling in the class, and it helps the students increase awareness of their own mind-set in taking the program.

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