Seeing The Light Lesson Plan

Week 2: Forgiveness on Neutral Territory or Seeing the light instead of the lampshade

  • Attendance - check in with everyone, ask for questions, ask about reading, etc.
  • Review Ground Rules
  • Picture exercise - choose a calendar picture and show your picture and explain why you chose it.
  • Sharing from the Reading
  • Short Review Core Self
    [Read p. 11 - 12. Starting with “Most of us struggle…”]
    Describe Core Self and Sub-personalities - diagram
    Stress the points: We are all good. We are not our behaviors. Our behaviors are things we learned as children, and may not serve us well anymore. If we can separate ourselves from our behaviors then we can make better choices. Choices gives us freedom.
  • Meditation - big sky meditation
  • Robin’s Video #2 - discuss video
  • Discussion: Is there a time when you misjudged someone and were surprised to find they were different than you first assumed?
  • Reading on Language
    with discussion on judgement being a limiting way to view the world
  • Poem: You talkin' to me?
    as a review of sub-personalities - and seeing the light under the lampshade
    Read, find sub-personalities, how is second part related to “seeing the light”
  • Discussion: Have you known someone in your lifetime who was particularly good or committed to “seeing the light instead of the lampshade” in others? How did they affect your life? How did this attitude affect their life?
  • Talk about “Door Mat vs. Assertiveness”
    the Snake and the Monk story may be useful
    seeing the best in others doesn’t mean you let them walk all over you..
    Seeing the light isn’t being a push over

Self work

  • Read chapters 8,9 and 10 for next class
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