Self Forgiveness Lesson Plan

Week 8 Self forgiveness

  • Short talk on why self-forgiveness is important…
  • Meditation - journey of light, or other
  • Robin’s video on self-forgiveness
  • If needed, review what forgiveness is not - p 158.
  • Discussion: What does self-forgiveness mean to me? Where am I in the process of self-forgiveness? How difficult is it to forgive myself? Is it important to me? etc. (This usually takes the remainder of the class.)
  • Importance of Closure - writing, apologies, service
  • Discussion: What is the biggest obstacle for me in forgiving myself?
  • Read stories from Chapter 12, p 181 - 185
  • Discussion p167 - 4 ways to nurture your growth
  • How are you hard on yourself? p 160-168
  • Becoming your own friend
  • “we can look at the worst in ourselves, knowing the best.”
  • Self work:
    • Read chapter13 for next week.
    • Write a letter to yourself on forgiveness or why it is hard to forgive yourself
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