Shame and Guilt Lesson Plan

Week 8: Restoring Dignity / Taking Responsibility

  • Introduction:
    • Create the list of names for the certificates…
    • Take questions on previous material
    • Sharing letters to inner child or reactions to trying it, or not trying it.
    • Weather reports
    • Sharing from the reading
  • Gatherings: One thing I do to strengthen my connection to my core self.
  • Lecture notes on child development - how shame develops
  • Brainstorm how "shame" affects our lives? What aspects of our lives are affected if we feel unworthy, not good enough.
  • Guilt vs. shame or Healthy shame vs unhealthy shame
    • When is shame good and when is it bad?
  • Read George on p. 156-7
  • Meditation: I usually do Robin's Inner Child Meditation or body scan depending on group.
  • Robins video on Taking responsibility
  • Large group discussion - think about impact of one thing you’ve done and how it effected others
  • “We have to shine a light on the entire truth. Not in order to beat ourselves up, but in order to claim responsibility when it is ours.”
  • Read Reggie p 135
  • Self work:
    • Read chapter 12 for next week.
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