Triggers Lesson Plan

Week 3 - Triggers

  • Attendance, questions, ground rules
  • What attitude do you bring to the class?
    Are you a Visitor? Prisoner? or Explorer? Cynic? (skeptical of everything) Or Sophisticate? (has all the answers)
  • Gatherings - “One sub-personality and one quality of the core self I see in myself” or
    “One thing I need to feel safe in this group.” and tie in ground rules
  • Follow up on “forgiveness on Neutral territory”:
    Is there someone in your life, past or present, who exemplifies “seeing the light instead of the lampshade”? or Why bother looking for the light in others?
  • Meditation - Beleruth Neparstak’s: Meditation for protection and support
  • Robin’s video on Triggers
  • Lecture on triggers - Our triggers are our own…
  • Brainstorm triggers - group process with list on board
  • Introduce weather reports
  • [Small Group discussions on triggers. Break in groups of 3 or 4 and take a pencil and paper, and fill in the chart - trigger - thought - change in body - behaviors - alternative]
    alternative - do chart on board with large group
  • “Our triggers are our Growing edge” - example from my life of being triggered and coming to understand the emotions and finding alternate behaviors.
  • Reading “the Window”
  • [Read p 105 Pause and reflect]
  • [Read p 105 Being a victim vs. having a victim mentality]
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