Welcome From Robin Casarjian
Dear Houses of Healing Facilitators,

Welcome to this new resource!

I am very excited to learn from all of you through this forum. I have often said that I wish I had the time to participate in Houses of Healing groups facilitated by others because I know I would learn so much. Although I can’t sit in on your groups, this resource site will give all of us the opportunity to learn from the larger community of Houses of Healing facilitators.

I want to thank Carol Peters, the creator and host of this website. I have known Carol as a tireless Houses of Healing volunteer facilitator for many years. Incredibly, she facilitates four Houses of Healing classes a week – two in state prisons and two in the county jail system. She is deeply respected by the inmates as they experience her “relentless positive regard” for them, her grasp of the Houses of Healing content, her ability to create a safe space, and her ability to educate in the best sense of that word. Thank you, Carol, for allowing all of us to be the recipient of your time, talent, caring and exceptional generosity through this website.

To all Houses of Healing facilitators, I can’t thank you enough for sharing Houses of Healing with those who are locked up – for giving them the gift of essential skills for a positive future, for introducing them to the possibility of inner freedom, and, as we say in Houses of Healing, for letting them know that THEY are needed in helping to heal the world.

Thank you for joining this forum. I look forward to learning from you in the months and years ahead!

Most sincerely and gratefully yours,


Robin Casarjian
Director, The Lionheart Foundation
Author, Houses of Healing

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