You Talkin To Me With Small Group Discussion


This exercise was submitted by Kathy R. of Massachusetts. It is used to review the materials in the first few weeks of the class and to demonstrate the concepts of core self and sub-personalities and "Seeing the Light instead of the lampshade."


Poem "You talkin' to me?" by Lindamichellebaron


Small group discussion: 20 minutes & 10 minutes discussion.
Total time – 30 minutes

Each group facilitator will ask someone to read to the group, “You Talking to Me?”(A) Then another person to read “Yes, I’m Talking to YOu”. (B) Ask group members to follow along with their own handout.

Next, ask someone to take notes and write down the responses to the following questions. Each small group will be asked to share your answers with the larger group.

1). Is "Person A" speaking from his Core Self, or from a sub-personality?

  • How can you tell?
  • How would you label that mask or sub-personality?
  • Why do you think he is wearing this mask?
  • Why does he need it?
  • What is he protecting or hiding?
  • What might enable him to put down his mask?

2). What about "Person B"?

  • Is he speaking from his Core Self or from a sub-personality?
  • How can you tell?
  • What core values are at the basis of his response?
  • What is he seeing in A, the light, or the lampshade?
  • Was one of his sub-personalities triggered or was he able to see beyond the lampshade into the Self of A?
  • What made it possible for B to stay connected to his Core Self?
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